Social Media and You

Social Media and You

With a plethora of social media sites sprouting across the internet, navigating them may seem like a recipe for disaster. However, social media marketing has many benefits, and is a cost-effective way of promoting your business.

Engaging the social the social media through Facebook, Instagram, blogs and such can increase your company’s visibility. By steadily participating in conversations, you are your business and your brand a daily part of your customer’s day. This keeps you up close when your services and products are wanted.

Remain relevant and current by developing and posting great content. It establishes your company as the expert and a leader in your field. You become the go-to resource and your opinions carry weight and value, and you can become a trusted voice.

Make yourself available, reach out to customers and share content. You will build a trusted community of clients as well as reach out to potential new clients. By answering feedback and criticisms in a positive fashion will show the community your commitment. Being actively engaging the community allows you to manage your online reputation. You can answer criticism and you can encourage users to post their positive experiences about your firm.

Social media provides an additional channel for you to promote and market your products and services in a friendly, informal way. Out of that sales pitch context, you can highlight your products, answer queries and questions, offer advice on your products as well as reveal any promotions you may be running.

Social media decreases your sales cycle – when someone from your community ends up on your website for a purchase they tend to do it faster. They already know you, your products and services, and you are someone they trust, and they don’t need that sales pitch. They’re comfortable with you and there’s little hesitation when it comes to buying.

Social media is a powerful and versatile platform from which you can increase your firm’s profile as well as raise brand awareness. Postings about your firm’s story give it a human touch, and allows people to emotionally connect and identify with your firm.

You can automatically link across a wide network of social media sites when you publish a story, product or service. You will find your posts repeated in your user’s circles, community or friends, quickly increasing the number of back links to your website. You end with links strategically placed across a gamut of sites that increase your visibility and increase your pool of clients.

Engaging in social media also increases your search engine optimization. Search engine algorithms looks for the human factor and prefer links to content and posting that include social media in general. The benefits are wide-ranging, from increased search rankings to a greater number of website hits.

Statistically, it has been proven that social media has generated greater business exposure, a massive increase in lead generation. Not only does it garner market intelligent but it also plays a positive part in increasing search engine ranking while reducing your general marketing costs.

Though a lot of firms think social media marketing frivolous and a time-waster, in this day and age it is a vital component of any firm’s web presence. With Facebook having 550 millions users, and sites like Twitter and LinkedIn boasting millions of users as well can you afford not to reach out to the potentially massive market?

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