We offer a complete web development package with our comprehensive yet scalable range of front-end and back-end solutions. Whatever your needs, from basic navigational menus to custom e-commerce catalogues that is integrated with your system database; SDG Studios will turn them into functional reality.

We will consult you to outline what you want, determine what you need and provide the most effective solution for you. Utilising the latest web technology with the right methodology while retaining the human touch, we offer you a long-term competitive advantage that maximises your online presence which connects with your targeted audience.

Responsive Design

A web page not only needs to be visually attractive, it is increasingly important for it to be functional and accessible across all spectrum of popular modern devices and systems as well. From traditional desktop PCs and laptops to the most cutting edge mobile tablets and smartphones, your website needs to retain its functionality while offering a positive experience to users and prospective customers.

Besides accessibility, Responsive Design streamlines the maintenance aspect of websites as you will only need to look after a single portal instead of a “mobile version” and “desktop version”, saving you substantial amount of cost in the long run. It also benefits your SEO efforts as prospective visitors regardless of devices will be directed to a single address.


SDG Studios will enhance your website with seamless Multimedia Integration and Interactivity. Properly integrated, the addition of features such as video, animation and sound can make your website more engaging, dynamic and interactive to users, providing powerful experiences and positive impact. As such, it serves to add considerable value to your website and it can be key in your efforts to drive and build traffic.

Mailing Lists

Even with Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and its many iterations and variations becoming steadily more apparent in today’s lifestyle, the benefits of the tradional Newsletter and Mailing List still cannot be so easily dismissed. Reason numero uno? Not every netizen out there has a Facebook account but almost everyone has an e-mail.

We will be honest with you, having and cultivating a newsletter/mailing list might just be one of the, if not, most beneficial thing you can do for yourself, website and business. Our years of experience in successfully building multiple websites across a wide variety of clients and businesses attests to that.

Leverage your marketing efforts through our custom-built newsletter or off-the-shelf solutions, as you see fit. With it, you can :

  • Easily launch and manage effective marketing campaigns to a targeted and pro-active audience
  • Tracks accurately click-throughs, recipient’s response and detailed mailing reports for statistical purposes
  • Custom-tailored newsletter design specific to you and your business needs and image
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use interface and tools to manage extensive mailing list and much more.

However, simply having a sign-up form for your newsletter isn’t the most effective thing you can do for your website. Placement, overall strategies to attract subscribers and the quality of content communicated to your audience are all of utmost importance. We have the knowhow, technical expertise and most importantly, experience, on how to maximise its benefits for you, your website and business.

Forums & Blogs

An effective website not only need to attract visitors, the next logical step is to create a successful and promising relationship with them. Your website can be the healthy social hub where visitors and prospective customers can come and relate not just with each other but to you and and the organisation that you represent. Building a relationship also leads to building trust which is key in forging a lasting bond and cultivating loyalty.

We can help you achieve this beneficial relationship by fostering active user participation – a key component of a successful website through the use of custom-built forums, personalised blogs, polls and other online interactive applications. Active user participation comes with invaluable benefits in a number of ways which include helping to drive traffic to your sites and opportunities for networking.

E Commerce

E Commerce is a thriving sector with the amount of internet users exploding in all corners of the earth, more and more businesses, big and small, have the urgent need to have a reliable and powerful e-commerce solution as their new “shop front” in the Internet. Here’s where we come in.

SDG Studios will create for you an E Commerce ready site that is :

  • easy to use and navigate -packaged with an attractive and engaging UI/UX
  • fast loading with minimal downtime
  • simplified check-out process -secure and reliable
  • Mobile-friendly!

And many more features that are tailor-made to enrich the experience of your customers, from start to finish. You will be able to customise your E Commerce store through adding a unique feature or change an existing one to suit your needs and achieving user satisfaction.

Focusing on speed, reliability and increased conversions , our ultimate aim is to build an efficient online store that provide a rich and enjoyable shopping experience that your customers keep coming back to.

Custom Applications

You may have a need for a specific Web Application to achieve a certain special function or tasks within your website. Wherever needed or possible, we will recommend off-the-shelf solutions that are also scalable to your specifications and budgetary concerns. However, there are a variety of reasons to have a need for a customised web application to achieve a specific set of objectives.

The main benefits of a wholly customised web application boils down to these 3 points:

  • Efficiency
  • Functionality
  • Cost-effectiveness


E Commerce/shopping solutions? Content management? Marketing tools and tracking systems? Your very own portal? Or simply an awesome idea you always had?

We’ll make it happen.