Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines are the major highways of the Interweb. It forms a fundamental backbone of how the Internet works and how its denizens – the internet users, "commute". The statistics alone are staggering and tell the whole story quite succinctly. Based on internet Live stats, close to 4 billion searches are conducted every day on Google alone. It quite literally is one of the most important and influential invention of modern history and computing.

Routes, roads and highways, throughout human history, have also been the underlying basis for commerce, trades and business and in the world of the Internet, the same facts apply.

Internet-commerce globally is responsible for almost a trillion dollars in revenue, over 400 billion in Asia-Pacific alone! With remarkable growth of over 20% every year, it is important to acknowledge that Search Engines are a major player in the success story of Internet Commerce.The main purpose of a search engine is to provide relevant data and quality information while pointing users in the direction that it deems most accurate and useful, on the basis of the keywords provided by users. With millions of websites to choose from, the search engine has to display its results accordingly based on rankings determined by certain factors and criterias (varies on search engines). Statistically, the majority of Search Engine users will only look at the first page with a significant portion focusing only on the top 3 rankings.

So this is where Seach Engine Optimization, or SEO, comes in. Its ultimate goal is to gain a place, through natural organic searches (that is, key searches by users) in the coveted first page rankings, preferably the top 3. In a nutshell, by adhering to the basis and fundamentals of SEO-techniques and ethical practices, you and your website stand to gain maximum exposure and opportunity to connect with prospects on a global level who are already interested in the type of service you offer, 24/7 for as long as the Internet is running. The potential for increased conversion rate and ROI is unprecedented. That is why, most businesses, no matter their size and even your competitors; are engaged in SEO-campaigns. You should too.

Let us help you.


With over 15 years of experience working with both big and small businesses, SDG Studios has the ability and experience to bring the success of SEO and Internet Commerce to you. SEO is a holistic effort of multiple fronts requiring a broad range of skill sets, expertise and market experience to be conducted effectively and successfully over an extended period of time.

We will not just improve your website for SEO optimisation but also enhance it for total user satisfaction. For we believe these are two core principles that compliment each other to the highest degree.


Some areas focused upon :

Site Analysis and Diagnosis

We will give a thorough, no-stones-unturned look at your website. We will identify your strengths, how to enhance them for maximum visibility benefits and most importantly, identify key weak points and areas. After which, we will form a sound strategical and tactical approach on how to address and eliminate them.

Keyword Research

A major cornerstone in any SEO campaign. Depending on your type of business and specialty, through meticulous analysis of the most popular market/search trends and advanced keyword research technique and tools; we will shortlist the keywords that will give your site the high visibility that it needs – an essential basis to outshine your competition and rank better.

Competitive Investigation and Research

Know your enemy and you will win half the battle. It is important that you know what your competition are doing and why they are where they are in the search rankings. By thoroughly understanding their general strategies and approach, we gain the upper-hand in outdoing and beating your closest and top rivals.

On-site Optimization

These are actions and improvements performed directly on your website in order to achieve high visibility in SERP(Search Engine Results Page), based on important keywords relevant to your business, as driven by the exhaustive analysis performed above.

Actions taken include :

  • Optimised Site Architecture/Design and Back-end – For maximised visibility, a properly designed website needs to be easily crawled by search engine spiders. There are a number of ways to achieve this and we will make full use of each and every one of them. This includes the addition of XML sitemap which helps in search engine visibility and useful files such as Robots.txt, that helps to inform seach engines which items and pages should be indexed and which ones aren’t. Other areas that we will optimised include domain names consolidation and architectural issues such as server perfoemance improvement, clear navigation, clean internal linkings and other miscellaneous hindrances that can affect your site indexing and ranking.
  • Code Optimisation including meta-tags – The success of your site SEO-efforts begins with the most basic fundamentals of your website, the coding. We will incorporate a variety of SEO-optimisations which include effective meta-tag creations to sound HTML coding principles for areas such as stylesheets, link-texts and header tags.
  • Increased Relevancy through Content Creation and Suggestion – Existing content will be improved upon or new content created that is in-line and enriched with SEO-friendly keywords and popular word searches by users, that are relevant to your industry and service. This includes the publishing of news items and articles.

Off-site Optimization

We will fortify your SEO-campaign by supplementing the onsite-optimisation techniques with commited off-site efforts as well. These are basically actions taken outside your immediate website in order to strengthen and enhance the relevancy and legitimacy of your website. This is a key area in your effort as Search Engines not only rank you according to what it “sees” in your website, they deem it just as important to gauge how other websites and users view you as well.

To achieve this, serious effort will be made to build relationships with other websites in order to accumulate links from them. Think of them as “votes”, the more links you have, you gain more votes in the eyes of search engines and in turn, positively affects your SERP ranking as you will be seen as gaining “authority” and relevancy in the area of your specialty. The ultimate aim is to gain links from major and official websites, especially those who receive significant amounts of visitors since any votes from them is worth a lot more as compared to less-popular websites. However, every single vote helps in the end. Note however, that this is generally a lengthy effort that will only show results within 3-6 months on average, if not more.

Rankings Statistical Analysis and Report

We will provide ranking statistics and analysis report with accurate tracking data to keep tab on your site’s progress towards campaign goals and objectives. Based upon which, we will provide recommendations on how to further improve your SEO-efforts by identifying both key strengths and weaknesses so as to either enhance or eliminate, respectively. The main objective is to improve your standings, fortify your position and increase conversion rate + ROI.

Search Engine Marketing

The fundamental difference between SEO or SEM is that while the former focuses on natural organic key searches by users, Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is a paid service directly to Search Engines in order to attain visibility through targeted and specified keyword searches. Also known as “Pay-per-Click” or PPC, as whenever a user clicks on your add, you will be paying a fee to the search engine. What these entails is that you have the guarantee that your website and the services you offer will appear in SERP regardless.

SEM is an important market strategy being employed by businesses online to enhance their SEO-efforts due to its low entry costs and its fair but efficient system of advertising (since it will only cost you when users click on your ads).

Social Media Marketing

We recognise the power of social media in reaching out to a wider audience of differing backgrounds. The potential benefits of Social Media Marketing is far reaching and cannot be ignored by any organisation wishing to penetrate and get their message across the online community.It is the effort and process of gaining an audience through quality content creation, publishing and sound social media strategy, in turn encouraging them to share them amongst their social circles and networks, thus fostering and solidifying brand awareness. With the prevalence of mobile phones and devices, your audience and clientele receive the benefits of real-time updated content, news and publishing from you, forging a continuous 2-way interaction between you and your target audience.

One of the major benefits of Social Media Marketing is that it is widely regarded as a trusted and reliable source and carry more weight than paid ads by businesses and organisations as the endorsements came from unrelated third-parties and individuals. Another benefit derived directly from this is that it is also a much more relatively cheaper advertising platform that is capable of producing significant positive results and conversions.